Planning Your Rugby Tour


1) Firstly, you must decide on the purpose of your rugby tour. Is it a development tour, an end
of season tour, a pre – season tour, train and play, warm weather training pre S.C.T. or fun and festivals.

2) Once you have decided on the purpose of your tour, it will be easier to get the squad of players
to “buy in” to your objectives.

3) Decide on the destination. Chat with your coaches and players and decide which destination offers
the best rugby programme that you want. You may also choose to discuss destinations with your Topflight
representative. We can always tailor make a tour just for you.

4) Plan ahead. We recommend that you give players nine months to plan and save for a short European tour,
and eighteen months to plan and save for a long haul tour.

5) Organise a committee of three/four who will take responsibility for organising the tour. There are many
things to get right, from passports, insurance, deposits etc… Your Topflight representative should be
able to help you with these as well. Organise a person to photocopy individual passports, and keep in your
travel document wallet.

6) Decide on a tour leader or co-ordinator. He/she will liaise with your Topflight representative to make
sure that things are running smoothly.

7) Check in with your Topflight Representative for assistance if needed.

8) Are you providing a tour jersey? This is something that school players love to take charge of and design
themselves. It certainly adds to the buzz about a rugby tour.

9) Check travel insurance and European medical insurance. It is important that nothing is left to chance.

10) Is there a committee within the club or school who can get involved with sponsorship and fund raising
for the trip?

11) Collect deposits early, since tour prices can fluctuate between the first quote and the payment
of deposits.

12) Topflight can provide you with a payment planner or arrange a direct debit for you every month.

13) Topflight can provide you with a template letter for parents.

14) Topflight provides 24 hour assistance during your trip.


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