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Merge contemporary culture and diverse history with this multi-centre trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. Explore the kaleidoscope of neon lights and dazzling buildings, as well as the resplendent parks and gardens, that adorn the nation’s capital, before diving into Japan’s past with a trip to Kyoto. The former capital for over 1000 years, it is Kyoto’s astonishing number of temples, shrines, and palaces, as well as its natural beauty, that will impress you most. Lastly, a visit to Hiroshima will allow your students to fully immerse themselves in the sobering history of this world-famous city.

Things to see & do

  • Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street, Tokyo

    Tokyo’s oldest and most famous Buddhist temple lies in the heart of Asakusa, one of the city’s most famous neighbourhoods. Established in 628, this bright and colourful temple is one of the capital’s most iconic landmarks, and the complex in which it stands is a stunning display of ancient Japanese architecture. The approach to Senso-ji, known as Nakamise Dori, is a 250-metre stretch of shops, each of which sells souvenirs, crafts and a variety of Japanese snacks.

  • Hamarikyu Garden, Tokyo

    Hamarikyu is a traditional Japanese garden with a modern twist thanks to the towering skyscrapers that surround it.  Located alongside Tokyo Bay, the sprawling garden is all about natural beauty with its meandering, seawater ponds, an array of beautiful birds and fish.

  • Guided tour to Meiji Jingu, Tokyo

    Nestled in a beautiful forest of approximately 100,000 trees, the Meiji Jingu Shrine ‒ built in 1920 to commemorate Emperor Meiji and Empress Dowager Shokene  ‒ is perhaps the best known Shinto Shrine in Tokyo. Here, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re in the heart of busy Tokyo, thanks to its tranquil surrounds, which teem with stunning wildlife, flowers and plants

  • Yoyogi Park and Harajuku, Toyko

    Lying right beside the Meiji Jingu Shrine, yet worlds apart is the bustling Yoyogi Park. You’ll find street artists and musicians galore here, as well as beautiful ponds and forested areas. Nearby, you’ll find the achingly cool and world-famous fashion district, Harajuku. This hip spot is filled with boutiques and flea markets, and hordes of ultra-chic fashionistas, parading around in colourful attire!

  • Shinjuku, Tokyo

    With its shiny skyscrapers, busy streets and neon lights, Shinjuku is probably the spot most people think of when they think of Tokyo. You will find fantastic food spots here, both in restaurants and in street stalls, as well as shops filled with clothes, fancy gadgets and futuristic toys. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a popular stop-off for most tourists as its free observation decks provide superior panoramic views of the city. On a good day, you might even be able to see Mount Fuji!

  • Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto

    With huge stone walls surrounded by wide and deep moats, Nijo-jo Castle is an impressive display of Japanese architecture. Surrounded by glorious gardens, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was once the residence of the Tokugawa shoguns, who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868. The imposing castle itself houses two palaces, the Ninomaru and the Honmaru, where you’ll find rooms decorated in rich and intricate Japanese style and several masterpieces of Japanese Art. Keep an eye (and an ear) out for the famous nightingale floors, which creaked to warn the Castle’s residents of any intruders approaching.

  • Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

    Alongside blooming cherry blossoms, the Kinkaku-ji Temple, aka The Golden Pavilion, is an iconic image of Kyoto. The temple, adorned with brilliant gold leaf, which reflects beautifully in the pond that surrounds it, is a marvellous sight. The original building was built in 1397 as a retirement villa for shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. After his death, however, his son converted it into a temple.

  • The Summer Palace, BeiArashiyama sightseeing: Togetsukyō Bridge, Bamboo Forest, & Monkey Park, Kyotojing

    Move over New England – Arashiyama, which lies west of Kyoto, is a magnificent area of mountains and rivers, surrounded by cherry blossoms and maple trees. Upon arrival to this dreamy spot, your first sight will most likely be the famous Togetsukyō Bridge, which offers fantastic views up and down the Katsura River. The bamboo forest, in Sagano, is an exquisite experience. Walking under the towering silver-green bamboo stalks is simply spectacular, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more photogenic spot! The Iwatayama Monkey Park is another must-visit in Arashiyama. Home to over 100 wild, macaque monkeys, travellers can walk to the summit of the mountain to see them roaming and playing freely (you can feed them too!), and also take in the spectacular views of Kyoto.

  • Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima

    Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city and is naturally a must-see for anyone visiting. Sobering yet beautiful, it is home to fascinating memorials and monuments that commemorate the city’s history and highlight its want for world peace. Surrounded by rich greenery, the park has many fascinating sites, including the famous cenotaph and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. A trip here is the only way to fully comprehend the true impact of the bomb. The experience will allow you to appreciate how Hiroshima’s resilient people rose from the ashes to recreate the cosmopolitan city it is today.

  • Nara Park and Todaiji Temple, Nara

    The beautiful Nara Park is home to many an impressive sight, and many more roaming deer. One of the park’s highlights is the Todaiji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This complex houses huge buildings and gates, and it’s hard not marvel at the mighty engineering and sheer size of everything. Its main attraction, however, is the bronze Buddha, Daibutsu, which boasts the title of the largest of its kind in the world, standing at 15 metres tall.

  • Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

    Kiyomizu Temple perches proudly on Higashiyama mountains and is an integral part of any Kyoto itinerary. Famous for its monumental wooden stage that dramatically juts out over the mountainside, the 14,000- square-foot temple is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Thousands of tourists visit here daily, and yet, there is something serene and spiritual about the place. Swooping pagodas, swathes of lush greenery, and a waterfall in the centre of the complex are just some of the highlights here.

  • Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto

    Yasaka Shrine, also known as Gion Shrine, is one of Kyoto’s most famous shrines. Founded over 1350 years ago, it comprises of magnificent temples, monuments & halls. Today, it is a popular place to ring in the New Year and also a great spot for hanami, the Japanese custom of enjoying the transient beauty of the cherry blossom. After dark is the optimum time to visit, as the place is lit up by beautiful lanterns, which really add to its magical charm.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Tokyo
  • Airport transfer to the hotel
  • Dinner and overnight
Day 2
  • Full day guided tour to Senso-ji and Nakamise shopping street
  • Hamarikyu Garden
  • Odaiba
  • Dinner and overnight
Day 3
  • Guided tour to Meji Jingu
  • Harajuku & Yoyogi park
  • Shinjuku (famous Japanese chain stores and game centre)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Building
Day 4
  • Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto
  • Dinner and overnight in Kyoto
Day 5
  • Full day guided tour of Nijo Castle
  • Kinkakuji Temple
  • Arashiyama sightseeing – Togetsu Bridge, Bamboo forest, Monkey Park
  • Dinner and overnight
Day 6
Day trip to Hiroshima
  • Bullet train from Kyoto to Hiroshima
  • Itsukushima Shrine
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial & Atomic Bomb dome
  • Bullet train back to Kyoto
  • Dinner and overnight
Day 7
  • Full day guided tour to Nara Park, Todaji Temple
  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • Yasaka Shrine
  • Gion
  • Dinner and overnight
Day 8
  • Return flight to Dublin
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